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Seth Bernstein, PhD

Dr. Bernstein has been active in the managed care arena since 1988. He has worked as a healthcare manager for The Travelers and Prudential Insurance as well as consultant for Ernst and Young. A clinical psychologist, Seth has served as Executive Director of the Accountable Behavioral Health Alliance (ABHA) since 2001 and is the founding Executive Director of IBHI. He has written many articles, including Measuring Clinical Outcomes in Managed Mental Health, CPS: An Effective Approach For Managing Conflict In The Workplace, and Detecting And Responding Constructively To Transference In The Workplace. Dr. Bernstein has recently published a book titled Emotions, Meaning, and Management. (California School Of Professional Psychology, Ph.D., 1978.)



Todd Noble, LPC

Mr. Noble has worked in community mental health as a clinician and crisis manager for 14 years. He specializes and provides clinical trainings in the area of crisis management, suicidal behavior, and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. Mr. Noble is certified by the State of Oregon as Mental Health Investigator and Examiner. He has been an ABHA employee since 2006. (United States International University San Diego, M.A., 1990; Oregon State University, M.S., 1992.)



Joseph Leykam, LCSW

Mr. Leykam has worked in community mental health as a clinician and clinical manager for nine years. He has worked across the state in both public agencies as well for private and not-for profit businesses. Mr. Leykam specializes in clinical work with high-need individuals who have co-morbid mental health and developmental disabilities as well as medical issues. He is trained in a variety of clinical practices including Dialectical Behavior Therapy; he is a trainer for the Collaborative Problem Solving methodology. Mr. Leykam is certified by the State of Oregon as Mental Health Investigator and Examiner. He is a graduate of Michigan State University (MSW, 2005)



Denna Vandersloot, M.Ed.

Denna Vandersloot has been involved in behavioral health services as a clinician, researcher, and trainer for the past 20 years. Ms. Vandersloot provides training and technical assistance in evidence-based practice adoption and implementation in a variety of behavioral health interventions and organizational change practices (e.g. motivational interviewing, Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT), clinical supervision, process improvement, and leadership development). She has worked with a number of state, county, primary care, and university systems to promote the adoption of Motivational Interviewing and SBIRT through her work at Oregon Health and Science University and the Addiction Technology Transfer Centers. She has worked with a number of federally funded SBIRT projects across the country (SBIRT Oregon Primary Care, SBIRT Washington Primary Care Integration, and the University of Missouri SBIRT) to provide curriculum development, training and consultation on implementation. She is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers.



  • Neftali Serrano, Psy.D., Lead Consultant. With 11 years experience in primary care, Dr. Serrano is Director of Primary Care Behavioral Health, Access Community Health Centers, Madison, WI. Dr. Serrano's consultation style mirrors his consults with patients--pragmatic, collaborative, goal-directed and based on the best evidence and practices available.
  • M. Hunter Hansen, Psy.D., Associate Consultant. Dr. Hansen, with 7 years in primary care, is passionate about helping clinics conceptualize integrated care that works for patients and providers. In addition to helping with start ups, he also enjoys consulting with clinics that are trying to grow their programs.
  • Armando Hernandez, Ph.D., Associate Consultant. Dr. Hernandez has served 4 years in primary care. He has found a special connection and passion in primary care and community health centers. Working in this area brings together his interests in collaborative approaches, pediatrics, community prevention, social justice, and multicultural issues.
  • Elizabeth Zeidler Schreiter, Psy.D., Associate Consultant. Dr. Zeidler has 5 years experience in primary care practice and is currently with Access Community Health Centers in Madison, WI. In addition to direct patient care and supervision of trainees, she serves as the liaison to the community and manages the consulting psychiatry service.
Dr Brian Sandoval

Dr. Brian Sandoval is a clinical psychologist with 5 years of primary care experience in several capacities including clinical work, program development, and research. He is currently the program manager for Primary Care Behavioral Health at the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic, an FQHC network with 13 clinics throughout Oregon and Washington. During his professional career, Brian has been involved in several projects integrating mental and physical health.  His current interests include data-driven payment reform to enhance behavioral health service delivery.  Brian has a passion for working with the underserved and continues to provide clinical services at Salud Medical Center while also leading his organization's efforts for recognition as a patient-centered medical home.   Recently, Brian became an Associate Consultant for, a group that focuses on coaching medical practices and health systems in adopting a more coordinated behavioral health approach.



Nate Perrizo

Director of Operations - Nate has been with Performance Health Technology (PHTech) from its inception over 11 years ago.  His approach to managing health plan operations blends a passion for efficiency, statistics and analysis with an understanding of the impact of people, processes and systems.  He emphasizes a focus on understanding long term goals and root cause. 

Tim Sparks

Health Plan Services Manager - Tim is responsible for ensuring that each Health Plan customer of PHTech is being treated as a partner and receiving the help they need to be successful.  Tim's service oriented approach focuses on ensuring quality and accuracy.  He has found a unique ability to provide practical solutions to complicated problems. 
Thomas Smith, Business Analyst - Thomas has been with PHTech for the past 10 years assisting Health Plans in adapting to their changing business environments.  Thomas' approach combines over 20 years of industry and regulatory knowledge with a focus on listening and learning.  He has the ability to ask the right questions at the right time to create a synergy between business needs and operational reality. 

Chad Casady

Director of Information Technology - Chad has been with PHTech from its inception over 11 years ago.  He has been the primary driver of technical innovation at PHTech.  Chad's blend of systems, software engineering and business intelligence knowledge and skill have been essential to the success of the marriage of service and technology.